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Calida Connect is a collaborative establishment of clinical psychology and organizational psychology, based in Mumbai, India. We believe that a healthy mind leads to able individuals and a set of such individuals is what a successful organization should entail. With this concept as the focus, Calida connect presents a team of qualified and experienced organizational psychologists for businesses with various organizational problems and clinical psychologists to assist individuals struggling with any mental health related issues that are interfering with life's functions.

We aim to provide a dynamic and healthy work culture by applying principles and personalized modules that are designed to solve any organizational obstacles. And in congruence with our outbound firm of business psychology, the clinical team that consists of both clinical psychologists and psychiatrists work online with individuals who are unable to manage difficult situations in life or any psychological issues by using techniques and therapies that are curated for utmost positive result.

Our Team

Meet Our Doctors

Dr. Prashant Dasud

MD Psychiatry, Consulting Psychiatrist

Dr. Neha Shetty

MD Psychiatry, Consulting Psychiatrist

Neha Parab

MA Clinical Psyhology, Clinical Psyhologist

Rasika Suresh Ghate

MA Clinical Psychology, Clinical Psyhologist

Shilva Rashin

MSC. Psychology, Institutional Psychology Counsellor

Akshay Patil

Post Graduation Diploma in Rehabilitation Psychology RCI CRR NO. A64645 Master's in Clinical Psychology