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Calida Connect is a collaborative establishment of clinical psychology and organizational psychology, based in Mumbai, India. We aim to provide a dynamic and healthy work culture by applying principles and personalized modules.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Clinical psychologists are mental health care professionals who provide various forms of therapy that is aimed at reducing distress while also improving general mental health and well-being. Clinical psychologists also conduct assessments which helps in evaluating a persons mental state and functioning which help to determine the nature and severity of a problem, all of which then help to come up with the most effective course of treatment.

You can book an appointment by clicking on the Appointment icon on the website. It will redirect you to a page where you can select a suitable date and payment.

To ensure commitment from both the client and therapist.

Yes, there is a standard training and process, however, we customise the training depending on the industry and its specific needs.

Psychiatrists are trained medical doctors who prescribe medication, while clinical psychologists do not prescribe medicines to primarily use various forms of therapies and intervention techniques to help individuals cope better with emotions and difficulties. Psychiatrists and clinical psychologists work together to understand client’s symptoms and come up with the most suitable plan of action.

Organisational psychologists use psychological principles and research methods to solve problems in the workplace and improve the quality of life, by studying the workplace productivity, management and employee working styles. They work closely with management to help plan policies, carry out screenings and training sessions and develop a plan for the future.

You can decide to visit a psychologist if

  • You are constantly worried about a thought, behaviour or feeling
  • You are not feeling good since the past few weeks/months
  • You are finding it more difficult to cope with things than usual
  • You are having difficulties concentrating at work/school and just doing daily activities
  • You are having suicidal thoughts

The first session is for a duration of 40 minutes for 500rs. If there should be any follow up sessions, the charges will depend on the diagnosis of the client and the course of action that will be take, which will be decided together by the psychologist and client.

We respect and maintain an individuals right to privacy and confidentiality. However, should a situation arise where there is a threat to self or others, the therapist is required to breach confidentiality to ensure safety.

As we don’t believe in one model fits all, the charges will depend on what the client needs and how best we can help them achieve their goal.