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Organizational psychology is a branch of psychology that applies the principles of psychology to the workplace. The purpose of organizational psychology to enhance the dignity and performance of human beings and the organizations they work in, by enhancing the science and knowledge of human behaviour.


The Employee Assistance Program enables and equips employees with the required resources to balance aspects of their work and personal lives. EAP helps understand the individual differences and the potential they bring with them, to help align with the organisational goals and vision to gain maximum potential.

EAP helps organisations through:

  • High productivity rates
  • Reducing interpersonal conflict
  • Boosting growth, for the organisation and employees

Psychometric Assessments

An array of qualitative, quantitative and behavioural analysis that helps your organisation track changes which can be applied to management and employees. These tests can also help with employee selection, to have the best-suited employees join the organisation.

Coaching, mentoring & training

The CMT sessions are individual and group focused which provides employees a way to grow, learn and connect within the company and for personal growth. It helps address the individual characteristics to the company goals.

Organisational Structure

Defining what your organisational identity is and giving a clear structure by helping you accurately define the rules, roles, and responsibilities. Help you in starting healthy communication and behavioural practices.


The industries that organisational psychology can be applied to, but are not limited to just these.